Driver’s License Debate Gets to FL House Floor

An amendment introduced by Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez prompted a debate in the House floor between pro-road safety and anti-immigrant legislators

Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez
Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez

Today, Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez (D-Miami) introduced an amendment to House Bill 27 to allow all potential drivers in Florida to apply for a license, regardless of their immigration status, as a way to increase the  number of insured drivers and road safety. The amendment failed with 37 votes in favor and 79 votes against. (See vote count)

HB27 attempts to accept military identification card to apply for a driver’s license, and Rep. Rodriguez’ amendment proposed to expand the reach of the bill by allowing other Florida residents to apply for a license. Currently, thousands of Florida drivers cannot apply for a license due to their immigration status. The amendment would provide the means for undocumented Floridians to get trained and tested in order to obtain a driver’s license and car insurance.

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